Course 1: Foundations of Indigenous Cultural Safety

  • Through this self-placed course, participants will learn to adopt and practice culturally safe strategies when providing care to Indigenous clients and patients.
  • The interactive training includes pre- and post-assessments, videos and reflection checkpoints, as well as external links and resources that would extend the learning beyond 3 hours
  • Learners will walk through the elements that are important to adopting cultural safety, including awareness, sensitivity, competency and humility.
  • Through a series of simulation, learners can respond to interactions between health care staff and Indigenous patients. These simulations demonstrate situations where cultural safety may either be compromised or upheld in health-based settings.

  • The cost registration fee for Foundations of Indigenous Cultural Safety is $175.00 per user.

  1. Identify an admin/point person within each interested department. The admin will be responsible for logistics and communications for their department.
  2. The admin sends an email to indicating an interest to register. IPHCC will follow up to begin an enrolment process.
  3. Once the registration process has begun, the admin will receive credentials to an administrative account where they can oversee the users within their respective department.
  4. Once your organization is registered, identified users will have access to IPHCC's learning portal for sixty days to complete Foundations of Indigenous Cultural Safety.
  5. After course completion, all participants who score at least 80% on their post-assessment will receive a certificate recognizing their completion of the course and their commitment to honouring cultural safety.